Founded in 1977, ELECTRA F.R.E.I. srl has been a world class supplier in the consumer electronic industry, specializing in customized heating-elements (i.e. hair dryers, hand dryers, toasters, fan heaters, convetor heaters, etc.)

Our company values of persistent continuous improvement have led to cutting-edge production processes in our vertically integrated materials and dynamic fabrication methods. We have patented many of our improvements and this has resulted in a high quality and consistent product for custom solutions of any size.

Our customer focus led us to create multinational partnerships in Romania and Italy; where we have production facilities that are employing local workers and overseen by our technical staff, sharing our four decades of production expertise and our business culture of providing an excellent customer experience.

Over the last four decades clients have placed their trust in ELECTRA F.R.E.I. srl, allowing us to prove time and again that our customer focus and continuous improvement provide world class products and services.

New patent for new design of hair dryer heating-element approved with spiraled wire with flat section

This method allows us to produce heating-elements with higher power at a reduced size, keeping the spirals at a safe distance. Flattening of the resistive spiral provides a greater surface to the flow of air (facilitating the cooling) prepared for entering the ionizer and several security systems.

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